90 -1 oz soap favors
90 -1 oz soap favors
90 -1 oz soap favors
90 -1 oz soap favors
90 -1 oz soap favors
90 -1 oz soap favors
90 -1 oz soap favors
90 -1 oz soap favors
Stoney River Soap

90 -1 oz soap favors

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****SET of 90 mini soaps.

I will need to know the following info; please leave a note at checkout: 

1.Wording for labels 

2. date when these are needed 

3. Font (see chart in the photos) 

4. graphic image (see chart)

5. an idea of the layout of the wording/image (see chart) 

6. if you need a particular scent, or a variety 

7. labels color (see chart)



 They are approximately the size of a hotel guest soap, about 1 oz****

Please scroll through the photos to get an idea of the size and see the measurements below.

* RUSH CUSTOM ORDERS: If you need a custom order for favors within 7 days, or if you need your order shipped quickly, I would appreciate it if you added the rush listing too, and I would mail them out 1-2 business day after I receive the order.

SIZE Scroll through the photos to see the soaps for size reference. -1 oz soaps: Size: 1.75x2.5x0.5 in. The larger 4 oz bars are hand cut into 4 smaller soaps, so there will be minor variations in sizes and weight. They are similar in size to a hotel guest soap. (I also offer 2 oz and 4 oz soaps. See my shop)

DIY LABELS : I Recommend this, since it will ensure that the labels won't get damaged while in transit. It means you apply the labels yourself. I will send you the custom labels on the side, not attached to the soaps (with also the colored bands or burlap if you ordered those too) (See my short Youtube 2 minute video on how to label them: (copy and paste the following link into your browser) https://youtu.be/qqBGJyzFY6E ) Advantages:

-- cheaper -- less chance that the labels get damaged in transit -

- I can send out the soaps anytime, and you apply the labels closer to the event's date. 

PERSONALIZATION You can find the charts with fonts and layouts, and paper colors by scrolling through the photos of this listing. Keep in mind I only print in black ink. You may write the details for your order  at checkout.

- layout (letter A-H): see chart by swiping through the listing photos

- graphic idea (see chart in the photos, or let me know if you need something different.)

- wording

- date needed

- paper color for the custom labels: white, ivory, tan, pink, blue, or green .

If you don't specify, I will choose, usually ivory. 

PROOF I will send you a proof of the label soon after you order

SCENTS Soaps are available in the following scents:

To see the colors, scroll through the photos to find the colors chart. *If the order is for more than 2 kinds of soap, I only list the general ingredients in the back, not the individual names of the soaps and specific ingredients.

The following soaps are scented with essential oils.

-Beer Soap (made with real beer and scented with essential oils of lemon, orange, litsea cubeba and palmarosa)

-Cinnamon orange: cinnamon leaf, sweet orange and tea tree

-mint field: peppermint and tea tree

-honey oats: contains oats, honey, lavender and litsea cubeba oils.

-dark forest: spruce, eucalyptus, cedarwood.

-Lavender -Patchouli : patchouli, cedarwood and ylang ylang.

-Rosemary's Garden: lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, patchouli, palmarosa, rose petals

-Sweet Lemon: lemon, bergamot, litsea cubeba

-Goat Milk Soap (scented with palmarosa and litsea cubeba-with a mild citrus scent)

-Lavender Spearmint -

Lavender Patchouli

-Patchouli Orange

-Kaolin Clay with essential oils of clary sage and grapefruit

-Bentonite clay shaving soap : lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, lemon, grapefruit, vetivert, eucalyptus, orange, palmarosa -Activated charcoal (with Lavender,Amyris,and Vetiver)

-Sea Clay (scented with Vetiver,Bergamot and Ylang Ylang)

-Prairie Flower (with rose  petals, scented with the essential oils of lavender, palmarosa, lemongrass and grapefruit.)

-Indigo Bay (scented with lavender, cananga and orange essential oils)

The following soaps are scented with fragrance oils.

Sandalwood Musk (orange color) Coffee Pumpkin Pie Christmas Wreath Gingerbread

I offer these also unscented: Activated charcoal