Bath Bombs, 1.75 diameter
Bath Bombs, 1.75 diameter
Bath Bombs, 1.75 diameter
Stoney River Soap

Bath Bombs, 1.75 diameter

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These bath bombs are the ideal gift to yourself, or for a special friend in need of pampering. Splash one into a hot bath or on the shower floor and enjoy the aromatic fizzyness that will explode upon contact with the 

Each bomb is 1.75 in diameter ; (weight: about 2 oz in (similar in diameter to a golf ball)

 Scented with essential oils for a relaxing experience.

Ingredients: baking soda. citric acid, avocado oil, cosmetic grade color, poly 80, essential oils.

Available in the following essential oils:

~lavender (purple), scented with lavender

~tranquility (blue), scented with a blend of lavender, patchouli, lemon, grapefruit, vetivert, orange, palmarosa.

~ orange (orange), scented with orange

~lavender patchouli (white),

~lemon (yellow).

~mint (green)

~Pink grapefruit (pink)