120  Bulk SOAP
120  Bulk SOAP
120  Bulk SOAP
120  Bulk SOAP
120  Bulk SOAP
120  Bulk SOAP
Stoney River Soap

120 Bulk SOAP

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 This listing is for 120 bulk soaps

Welcome to Stoney River Soap Company, where we make soaps and skin care products handcrafted with your skin in mind! Imagine holding a soap in your hands that feels like velvet, and smells and looks so very natural, that it transports your mind to refreshing forests, fields and mountains...

That's what we want for ourselves and our family, and that's what we want to offer to our customers.

Whether we are enduring the cold winter, or the dry hot summer, we want to be able to take a shower or simply wash our face and hands, and enjoy the clean feeling, without having to deal with itchy or cracked skin. What you will like about our products is the high quality of each item combined with a simple earthy look.

We want our products to be affordable for every day use, very functional and at the same time luxurious in the way they feel, made with natural ingredients and great for sensitive skins.

Our success depends on the success of any company or store reselling our products, so we want to make sure your customers will be satisfied. We offer custom labels to all businesses, large or small, to help our customers develop a loyal following for their private-labeled products.

-Soaps are 4-4.5 oz bar (or more) and measure approx. 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 in. -You may choose any of the soaps we carry in a variety of scents. Just list the soaps of your choice at checkout. I recommend at least 5 soaps for each kind. -Bars may be ordered with our labels, without labels or with private labels.

-We are covered with a commercial general liability insurance

-Our soaps are on the shelves of many different stores throughout the United States, including Whole Foods, grocery stores, country stores, gift shops and boutiques, co-ops etc

 Ingredients: Non GMO olive oil, Non GMO coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, lye, purified water and either essential oils or fragrance oils, with the addition of various clays, botanicals, honey, colors, depending on the soap .

Unlike most commercial products available at stores, the products we make are made in small batches.

The following soaps are scented with essential oils.

-Beer Soap (made with real beer and scented with essential oils of lemon, orange, litsea cubeba and palmarosa)

-Cinnamon orange: cinnamon leaf, sweet orange and tea tree

-mint field: peppermint and tea tree --honey oats: contains oats, honey, lavender and litsea cubeba oils. ----dark forest: spruce, eucalyptus, cedarwood.

-Lavender -Patchouli : patchouli, cedarwood and ylang ylang. -

Rosemary's Garden: lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, patchouli, palmarosa, rose petals

-Sweet Lemon: lemon, bergamot, litsea cubeba

-Goat Milk Soap (scented with palmarosa and litsea cubeba-with a mild citrus scent)

-Lavender Spearmint

-Lavender Patchouli

-Patchouli Orange

-Kaolin Clay with essential oils of clary sage and grapefruit

-Bentonite clay shaving soap (scented with a blend  of lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, lemon, grapefruit, vetivert, eucalyptus, orange, palmarosa.

-Activated charcoal (with Lavender,Amyris,and Vetiver)

-Sea Clay (scented with Vetiver,Bergamot and Ylang Ylang)

-Prairie Flower (with rose and calendula petals, scented with the essential oils of lavender, palmarosa, lemongrass and grapefruit.)

The following soaps are scented with fragrance oils.

-Sandalwood Musk

-Coffee . Made with brewed coffee and coffee grounds.

-Pumpkin Pie

-Christmas Wreath


We offer these also unscented: Activated charcoal

PRIVATE LABELS: Private labeling includes the soaps with the actual labeling of the product with the retailer’s label (in their design/logo and to their specifications, all printed on ivory paper and black ink). I will design/print/apply the labels to the soaps.

Suggestions for the labels' design: Front of the label:

-identity of the product (what it is) -brand name (optional)

-product name (optional) Back or side(s):

-ingredient declaration (preferable)

-business name of our company and /or of the retailer, prefaced by “manufactured for” or “distributed by” (as applicable)

Ex: Manufactured by Stoney River Soap Company for (name/address or website of your company)

-net contents

UNLABELED SOAPS The retailer is responsible for the labeling, and will label the products legally. Thank you so very much for considering working alongside with us!